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Programmes That Suit Your Needs

Maxis collaborates with selected business partners in the following areas to create a variety of mobile services for your enterprise:

As a Select Partner
  • Application Solutions Providers
  • Content Providers
  • Systems Integrators
As Alliances
  • Technology Providers
  • Hardware/ Devices Partners
  • Consulting Partners

Partnership collaborations not only create a variety of mobile services for our clients, but also to generate repeatable, market-impacting mobility solutions for our business partners, within selected industries.


Whether you’re a Value Added Reseller, Systems Integrator, Application Service Provider (ASP), or Distributor, you will benefit from:

  • Account support
  • Sales & technical training programmes
  • Partner-oriented marketing programmes and many more
  • Leverage on our strong branding
  • Leverage on our global communications alliances
  • Leverage on our communications technology expertise & technology roadmap
  • Access to our solution test & development platform

Why Partnership With Maxis

Through business partnership with Maxis, you will realise the values of:

  • Our global communications alliances
  • Our communications technology expertise and technology roadmap
  • Partner network engagements
  • Solutions test and development platform
  • Our strong branding
  • Our account manager Account support

These values translate into service and product positioning that meets end-users demands. With the framework of our service deployment roadmap, you will be able to enter the business market accurately and quickly.


Application Solution Providers

Application Providers are independent software vendors and applications developers that further extend Maxis' services by providing solutions, applications and tools that add value to our customer propositions.

Content Providers

Content Providers create or aggregate content options for businesses. These partners enhance the reach of valuable information to businesses to provide information anywhere, anytime and on any device.

System Integrators

Systems Integrators are partners who have industry, domain and application specific-expertise backed up by the knowledge of business best practices to integrate business solutions.


Technology Partners

Technology Partners are industry leaders providing base functionality and interoperability of software, infrastructure and development tools. They are strategic alliances with a common vision and global reach.

Device/ Hardware Partners

Device and Hardware Partners are organisations that provide the ever changing devices and hardware necessary in enabling any Mobile Enterprise Solution.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners are successful businesses that provide specialised and consulting services in specific industries or in specific domains of knowledge.


Selection Criteria for Business Partnerships

  • Clear Value Proposition for all parties; the Customer, Maxis, the Partner
  • Clear Business Plan and Strategies
  • Strong Management Commitment

Brand and Image

Uncompromising service quality is Maxis's service credo. As market leaders in their respective areas, Maxis select partners also maintain the high standards that Maxis sets.

Additional Criteria For Partner Selection

  • Market / Industry Segment:
    Maxis partners have solid reputations and years of experience as the best-in-class within their respective industry or market sectors.
  • Market share / position / perception:
    Maxis partners are highly regarded in their respective business areas, with well-perceived market value and strong market positioning.
  • Core Competencies / Value Added Services / Special Products:
    Product and service offerings delivered in collaboration with Maxis select partner are an integral part of a complete solution provided to end-users.
  • Customer Base and Key Customers:
    Maxis partners should have a reasonably large customer base.
  • Annual Sales Turnover:
    Maxis partners should have a reasonably strong annual sales turnover.
  • Human Resource Strength:
    Consistently outstanding service records are imperative for Maxis. Potential partners must also have the necessary organisational structure and resources to provide an acceptable level of service. Strength may be identified in the following areas:
    • Management
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Technical (e.g. Development and Support)
    • Specialised skills (e.g. Subject Matter Expert, Industry Specialist).

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