Maxis Friend Finder

A friendly face is just around the corner

Sometimes, all we want is a friendly face. With Maxis Friend/Family Finder, you can use your mobile phone to see who's in the area. With geo-location using our cell-towers, we can help you find your friends nearby, even if they don't have GPS enabled phones. Of course, this service is 100% permission based, making it ideal for keeping track of your loved ones without violating their privacy.

How it works

The Android App

If you have an Android phone, get the full experience with our Maxis Friend Finder app. With a simple graphical interface, the app allows you to see what your friends are doing in the area, and chat with them.


Even if you don't own a smartphone, you can still keep track of your friends via SMS for only RM0.30 per request. Click here for further instructions.

Activate your Auto
Finder service and
stand a chance to win
weekly prizes!

How to participate

SMS AUTO ON ME and/or AUTO ON <friend's mobile number> to 22001 OR Visit on your Maxis mobile, click on ON IT & WIN banner.

Contest duration: 7th March 2014- 4th July 2014

*Users are required to activate Auto Finder service throughout contest period and will be charged RM0.30 per location.

Terms & conditions apply.


WEEK 1 7 March - 13 March iPin
WEEK 2 14 March - 20 March DoorBoot
WEEK 3 21 March - 27 March Kreyos Meteor
WEEK 4 28 March - 3 April Pebble Smartwatch
WEEK 5 4 April - 10 April The GameKlip
WEEK 6 11 April - 17 April VersaCover Origami Case
WEEK 7 18 April - 24 April EcoXGear ECOXBT
WEEK 8 25 April - 1 May The Big Jambox
WEEK 9 2 May - 8 May Samsung Bluetooth Controller Game Pad EI-GP20
WEEK 10 9 May - 15 May Samsung Note 3
WEEK 11 16 May - 22 May Pebble Smartwatch
WEEK 12 23 May - 29 May VersaCover Origami Case
WEEK 13 30 May - 5 June Samsung Bluetooth Controller Game Pad EI-GP20
WEEK 14 6 June - 12 June Kreyos Meteor
WEEK 15 13 June - 19 June DoorBoot
WEEK 16 20 June - 26 June EcoXGear ECOXBT
WEEK 17 27 June - 4 July The Big Jambox

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