Value IDD (IDD 132)

Enjoy the lowest IDD rates. Just remember 132.

Get the lowest rates on IDD calls 24 hours a day. All you have to do is dial 132 before the destination number. Here's how it works:

Dial  13200Country CodeArea CodePhone No.

to enjoy the lowest IDD rates in the market!


Check out our rates for each country here.

The SMS rate to all countries are RM0.50/SMS and RM0.20/SMS for Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Value IDD (IDD 132)?

Value IDD allows you to save more on International calls every day, to both fixed and mobile numbers around the globe. 

How do I use Value IDD?

Simply dial 132 00 <country code> <area code> <phone number> and you’ll instantly enjoy the low IDD call rates.

What if I directly dial the international number without 132?

The normal direct dial rates will apply. To enjoy low IDD rates, please ensure you dial 132 before the international numbers.

Who is eligible to use Value 132?

All Maxis & Hotlink mobile customers, regardless of the rate plan you are currently on.

When is this offer ending?

The offer is valid till further notice.

Do I need to subscribe to enjoy the lower IDD rates?

No subscription required. Just ensure you dial 132 before the international numbers.

What if I call any other countries not listed?

The normal direct tial rates will apply.

Value 132 does not apply to these countries:
Countries Country Code Digits
Australia - Satellite 61 61145, 61147
Canada Northern Territories 1 1250232, 1250233, 1250234,
1250235, 1250237, 1250239,
1250321, 1250471,1250500,
1250771, 1250772, 1250773,
1250774, 1250775, 1250776,
1250778, 1250779, 1867
Finland - Premium 358 35871
France - Globalstar 33 3363800, 3364000, 3364001,
3364002, 3364003, 3364004
Indonesia - Satellite 62 628681
Vietnam - Domestic Premium Service 84 841900
Zimbabwe Premium 263 263953